Point of View Statements

Point of View Statement 1 - Best POV

[A middle-aged father named Andrew] needs [a product that indicates if a food item is healthy and safe for consumption] because [he often purchases junk food for his family and misses the expiration dates of his groceries, leading to food being wasted all the time.]

Point of View Statement 2

[A young college freshman] needs [a product that will help her sort her waste] because [she has difficulty determining what materials should be composted or recycled instead of thrown away instead.]

Point of View Statement 3

[A new, busy mother] needs [a product that reminds her when to turn off home appliances] because [she often forgets to turn off the lights, faucets, and electronics, which leads to excess energy consumption.]

Point of View Statement 4

[An older gentleman] needs [an energy-efficient product that helps him get around] because [his old age makes it difficult for him to walk.]