How might we... [Supportive Surgeon]?

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[Supportive Surgeon] needs [a strong medical sanitization product] because [medical supplies are rapidly filling landfills and polluting the environment].

Ideate to come up with questions that might seed your team's creative thinking about divergent strategies for meeting this need. The point here is to get you thinking about the widest range of potential strategies before converging on a specific strategy and exploring it in detail. Check out these Tips for examples to help you get started.

To address this need:

  • How might we reuse existing medical tools?
  • How might we shift away from a disposable culture in the medical field? (Make the norm of disposable as a positive become a negative)
  • How might we make the medical tools biodegradable?
  • How might we sterilize medical tools to the same degree as when they are first manufactured?
  • How might we reduce the volume taken-up by medical waste in land fills?
  • How might we use the extra space in hospitals to promote more sustainable sanitary systems?
  • How might we cater to patients concerned about their health and the cleanliness of tools?
  • How might we make the cycle of resources in medical administrations more like a laundromat?
  • How might we make the transition from end of operation to beginning of next operation convenient and streamlined ?