Our Prototyping Strategy

Prototyping Goals

Why are we creating prototypes?

The type of feedback that will be most helpful for refining and improving our service or app idea is:

  • What is the easiest way for restaurant owners to stay in contact with our service?
  • How might we confirm the validity of charities that we will be donating to?
  • Is it feasible to start small (in one or two select cities) and expand from there?
  • How can we track the impact that enTable makes on a daily basis?

Prototype Features

What service or app features are we prototyping? And why? What do we hope to learn from testing this feature?

  • The networking element of our app between restaurant and charity — is it sufficiently reliable?
  • The subscription service / entry fee — how much are restaurants willing to pay?
  • The included transportation service of items — will the subscription service manage to cover transport costs?
  • The advertising service and publicity element offered to restaurants who participate — will it be a positive turnover for participating restaurants?

Prototype Media

How will you prototype and share these features with others to get their feedback?

We plan to create... infographics and sketches that will walk potential consumers through our service features.