Composite Character Profiles

Ted the Tech Guru

  • CEO of Tech Start up
  • 25 years-old, single
  • He wants his company to be the next Apple
  • He wants his company to look progressive and supportive of "trendy" ideas
    • Supportive of environmentalists
    • Supportive of climate initiatives
  • He is focused mainly on building his business and conserving all internal resources so creating an environmentally conscious department is very inconvenient

Investor Igor

  • Wants to invest in an tech company that will make a lot of money
  • 48 years old, wants to retire, 2 children, divorced
  • Invested in oil, so he's losing money
  • Owns a gas guzzling muscle with muffle which he bought after the divorce
    • But realized recently how sad he looks in it

Scared Sarah

  • 30 year old coal miner, 1 child and a husband
  • Scared of the talk about switching energy sources because she does not want to lose her job (scared that it would affect her daughter Barbra)
  • Curious and adaptable with proper convincing (needs to be thoroughly convinced)
  • Lower socio-economic

Exuberant Emelia

  • College Student
  • 20 years old and single with no children
  • Higher socioeconomic background, has the means to afford new services
  • Very independent
  • Cares about her future and the safety of the environment
    • president of several student organizations that advocate on behalf of climate issues
  • Majors in Design with a concentration in sustainability/environmental science