Composite Character Profiles

Just Average Joe

  • Average middle-aged man, middle class, wife and two kids, normal house
  • Not short on money but doesn't want to overspend
  • Tries to be somewhat sustainable and reduce his waste/carbon footprint, but not particularly concerned about going out of his way to be sustainable (wouldn't give up a lot of convenience for it)
  • Literally just average in everything

Busy Brenda

  • Super busy and has no time
  • Young professional, single, no time for fun, very focused on her work
  • Doctor, makes a lot of money so not concerned with price, only convenience
  • Doesn't want to worry about where her stuff is coming from, has better things to worry about

Poor Paul

  • Has very little money, conserves as much as possible
  • Homeless, needs services that have no socio economic or class barrier
  • Sees environmental problems/issues everywhere as a homeless person, affected by weather and waste problems and wants to do more to help but doesn't have many resources to

Student Samantha

  • Young high school student, 17 y.o. who is interested in studying Environmental Studies and Sciences
  • Passionate about sustainability and does many things in her daily life to help reduce her waste/her carbon footprint (rides bike to school, always uses her hydroflask, president of her school's Environmental Club), but wishes she could go farther and inspire her parents to do the same. Wants a resource or way to allow her whole family to contribute to sustainability and help out.
  • She wants to convince her family (parents and little brother) to be environmentally conscious, so she wants something that can easily