Composite Character Profiles

Woke William

  • young, university student
  • Australian, grew up in a country town and moved to the city for uni
  • lives in a share house with friends - live on a budget
  • knows about the key big waste management/disposal services with basic knowledge of what happens after disposal.
  • wants to recycle more productively
  • wants his housemates to contribute more to sorting the rubbish.

Unsure Ursula

  • 24-year-old works as an Accountant
  • Lived all over the world but now is settled in Indonesia
  • Very knowledgeable about environmental issues especially waste
  • Sees that plastic waste is a major issue in Indonesia
  • Does not really practice sorting rubbish or 3R's
  • Sceptical if his waste is properly disposed
  • Needs to know where is the right and trusted place that he can dispose his waste but don't know how to start
  • Needs to know how to properly sort his trash and do the 3R's
  • Feel that apps are a big thing in Indonesia but not a lot of people use it yet

Aware Thomas

  • Aware there is a need for an innovation in waste management.
  • Knows human produce food waste, plastic waste, energy waste.
  • Understand we have to use less plastic
  • Believe that currently there are only few opportunities for funding
  • they believe startup should focus more on waste management

Character 4

  • Key attributes
  • Key attributes
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