Our Testing Plan

Testing Priorities

What service or app features will be most helpful to get feedback on?

  • Easy to use
  • Convenience
  • Waste processing: (Service) proactive way to transform Plastic into Bricks 7-8 stronger than normal.
  • Easy collection: (App) for plastic waste collection
  • Waste monitoring: (App) for monitoring making people knowledgeable the percentage of house has been built
  • Monetary reward: (App) for monetary reward (from plastic waste)
  • Social sharing: (App) for encourage and sharing how many plastic has been recycled
  • Crowd-Helping: (App) for group quest to help single economically poor person to build his house (crowd-helping); able to encourage more people to involve, drop in to help by allocating his/her waste.

Testing Strategy

What is the best way for us to get useful feedback for each of these features? What does a useful feedback look like?

Easy to use
  • First approach: If they know how to use the app
  • Back-up approach: if they know what is our service from seeing the app
Waste Processing
  • First approach: if they know we provide waste processing service
  • Back-up approach: what do they think our service provides?
Easy Collection
  • First approach: Are they willing to do the collection if it is collected by us?
  • Back-up approach: are they willing to do the collection if they go to the collection side?
Waste Monitoring
  • First approach: do they know how the purpose of the monitoring interface?
  • Back-up approach: Can they explain what the monitoring interface meaning?
Monetary Reward
  • First approach: if they like monetary reward
  • Back-up approach: what kind of other reward? (social reward?)
Social Sharing
  • First approach: if they like to share and encourage people to help?
  • Back-up approach: if they like to share how many people they have helped?
  • First approach: if they like to form a group or crowd-helping poor people to build their house?
  • Back-up approach: if they like to help poor people on how much money has been donated?
  • First approach: do they like on-demand pick up service from home?
  • Back-up approach: if not then would they rather have a collection point?