The Software Licensing Webstore Will Not Allow Me to Re-Download Windows

The best solution to this problem depends on what Windows resources you still have available on your computer. So, start by assessing which of these conditions most closely matches your current situation:

  • Do you still have a Parallels virtual machine file (it's a big Mac disk file, typically saved in the Parallels folder on your Mac hard disk) that can be opened to start up a Windows environment?
    • If so, we can probably clean up the Windows installation in that virtual machine and reinstall a clean copy of Revit to use for this class.
  • When you downloaded Windows 10 during the prior quarter, did you save the Windows 10 .iso file somewhere on your Mac hard disk?
    • If so, you can use the .iso file on your local hard disk to create a new Parallels virtual machine if needed.
  • Do you have your Windows Activation Code stored somewhere you can find it?
    • When you initially downloaded Windows 10, the Licensing Webstore probably emailed you an Activation Code for Windows (looks like a big 25 digit number with lots of hyphens).
    • If you installed Windows at that time, you probably associated that Activation Code with your Microsoft login.
    • So, if you reinstall Windows now, when log you in, Windows will check your login credentials and associate the activation code with this new installation.
  • Do you really need to re-download the Windows 10 .iso file?
    • When you first purchase Windows from the Software Licensing Webstore, it offers you an option to extend the period for downloading the .iso file for an additional $5 charge. Most people don't choose this option, so the ability to download expires after a few weeks.
    • This expiration only restricts your ability to download the Windows .iso file from the Software Licensing Webstore site. Your license to run Windows is still valid (it doesn’t expire).
    • The easiest solution in this case is to copy the Windows 10 .iso file to your computer from another source (if you didn't save it on your hard disk).
    • If you still have the Windows 10 .iso file saved on your hard disk, there's no need to redownload it -- the older version will still work.