Anthony Gogola - Module 8 - Part 2

Share your new tool in a way that allows others to download and easily use it.

Your complete submission should include:


Being interested in eventually working in high-rise residential construction, I chose to continue my thought process and develop a script to create such a structure. Module 8 takes control of multi-leveled structural framing and calculations. I was inspired by various architectural designs on the Chicago skyline.

  • The Dynamo or Grasshopper scripts and all the supporting nodes needed to run your tool.
  • Documentation for how to use your tool. It should include:
    • A brief overview of what your tools does (to help users decide whether to download it and give it a try). Think of a “ReadMe” file for software.
    • This tool allows users to create a generative design for high-rise buildings. With a minimum input value of 80 feet, this is deemed by Chicago as a high-rise structure. Simply choose the dimensions you want your 3 building section structures to be, how many panel separations you want, various true/false choices based on personal preference, and structural element choice, then run the script and receive a 3D high-rise structure as the output including the amount of steel in feet that this specific project will require.

    • A catchy name (or acronym) for your tool
    • RiseUp

    • A teaser image that shows typical results, i.e. what users should expect to get as an output
    • image
    • A link to a recorded video demo (2 minutes max) in which you demonstrate how a user would interact with and benefit from using your parametric design tool.
    • **I would like it noted that my video was within the 2 minute mark of demonstration and ran overtime simply becuase it is not the fastest at processing large requests and continued to buffer while generating past the 2 minute mark.

      Please be certain to share your video with a PUBLIC link that will allow anyone with the link to view it:

    • If you use Zoom to record your video, download the recording to an MP4 file or Copy the shareable link from the Canvas interface.
    • If you save an MP4 file to Google Drive or One Drive, be sure to set the permission to Allow Anyone with Link to View.
    • If you use YouTube to host your video, set the Visibility to Unlisted, then paste the link into your Notion posting using the “/Video” command.
    • Be sure to test your video link to confirm that the visibility / permission settings will allow others to view it.