2.1.A Creating Levels



Practice Exercise (Optional)

Download Practice File:  Starting Point

  1. Open any one of the elevation views. Notice the level "Floor-Carport", which is the floor of the carport zone and is set as the reference elevation (0'0").
  2. Create four new levels, with the following names and elevations: "Floor-Living Area" - 4'6"; "Floor-Bedrooms" - 6'0"; "Roof-Carport" - 9'0"; "Roof-Living & Bedrooms" - 13'6"
  3. Create a floor plan for all four of these new views.
  4. Create a ceiling plan for "Floor-Living Area" and "Floor-Bedrooms".

When you've completed this exercise, your elevation view should look like this image:


Download File: Ending Point