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Module 4 - Points to Ponder
Please share your comments on 3 of the following Points to Ponder questions. (Choose 3 of the questions below.)

Give examples of how the building information for a specific location in the project needs to be filtered for different audiences and purposes?

When generating plans for a complex project it is important to think of the many different people that will be working to complete the construction. This includes contractors as well as subs like plumbers, electricians, and metal framers. Plumbers do not necessarily care about lighting fixtures and electricians do not necessarily care about plumbing fixtures. Having plans that focus on and highlight different aspects of a building allow for better readability and better understanding amongst different parties. Having cluttered complex plans could lead to larger problems on the jobsite.

Should your design ideas always be conveyed through photorealistic renders?

  • How does the level of detail in the rendering and its presentation affect the perception of stakeholders reviewing your design?

No, design ideas should not always be conveyed through photorealistic renders. Photorealistic renders portray the idea of a finished product especially when adorned with details such as people and plants or even more minute details like art, rugs, or household items. When in earlier design stages it might be more welcoming to present projects with sketchy lines or more solid colors to show that the project is still in development and open to changes and new ideas. With a photorealistic render, some might be dissuaded to provide opinions or changes because they think it would result in a major adjustment.

How can schedule views be used to assist with procurement and model-based estimating?

Schedule views can be used by contractors to estimate the amount of materials needed for a project. For example, knowing the square footage for interior walls would allow the contractor to estimate the number of drywall boards needed to complete the project. For other items like windows it would also help in estimating labor costs in addition to material costs. Using schedules to estimate material costs and labor costs would ultimately lead to much more accurate whole project estimates.