Module 5 - Time Travel and Parallel Universes

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A two-story extension off of the north end of the building is proposed. The S-curve floorplan introduces some varied movement through the building and removes the bounded-ness of the existing square layout. Similarly, meeting spaces and other rooms on the ground floor are defined by curved walls to further the dynamic feel of the extension area. The second floor is left open as a dining, lounge, and gallery area with curtain walls and patio/deck areas on either side as additional gathering space.

A couple of options are offered here on the second floor...

One is to replace the patio areas with no-access roofing for a cleaner profile of the building.

The other is to fill the dining/lounge area with tables, in case students prefer large tables and rolling desk chairs over a small cluster of sofas.

The proposal adds 7780 sqft of indoor space to the existing structure, totaling 25884 sqft upon completion.