Lights, Camera, Render - Antonio Pulito

The plan views for the clients and constructors are shown in sheets A8-A11. The client view has color with furniture and minimal dimensions while the constructor view is black and white with enhanced tagging on objects. I created an exterior view using Revit’s visual style to show a sketchy line view of the house including trees, a Jeep, outdoor furniture, people, and a custom image background. A render with modified exposure settings to make the scene look more realistic was also created. The side-by-side view of this is shown on sheet A12. The sun location was set to Truckee, CA, near Lake Tahoe and there are visible shadows on the house. An interior render was created and I added elements like ceiling lights, lamps, vases, a tv, and a person to make the setting more realistic.

Image / Screenshot of Your Style Exterior Camera View


Image / Screenshot of Your Rendered Exterior Camera View


Interactive 360 Degree Panorama