Module 8

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Module 8 - Collaborative Modeling
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Images of My Changes to the Shared Cloud Model

Please paste two screenshots here:


I added window on the second floor of the building on the south elevation and changed their placement to create a line of windows on both sides of the building.

I also changes the railing of the balcony to make it look more aesthetic.

I changed the 1st floor wall from the south elevation view from a generic wall to a brick type of wall.


I have annotations on my designed model on Revit and I thought that it was better for the TA reading this to no have the annotations on the screenshot. Better view and understanding of the changes without the annotations.


Version 9 in comparison to version 8 (my version 8 is very similar to my version 9 but it works too)


I made three changes that added some aesthetics to the proposed design. With my classmates we designed a better building by combining and sharing our ideas and uploading them in the cloud.