CEE 120A/220A 
Building Modeling for Design & Construction | Spring 2023
CEE 120A/220A 
Building Modeling for Design & Construction | Spring 2023

CEE 120A/220A Building Modeling for Design & Construction | Spring 2023

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Extensions & Late Submissions Policy
  • Each student will have up to 2 extensions to use in the quarter for late submissions. Use them wisely!
  • To request an extension, notify the teaching team at least 12 hours before the submission due time.
  • Each extension will allow you to submit an assignment up to 2 days late with no points deducted for lateness.
  • If you do not have an extension (or submit your assignments after the 2 day extension period has expired), 10% of the total points will be deducted from your score for each additional day late:
    • Assignments one day late will be reduced by 10% of the total points.
    • Assignments two days late will be reduced by 20% of the total points.
  • Assignments will not be accepted if submitted after more than 1 week from the due time (or end of the extension period).
Notes about Assignment Grading

Hi CEE 120A/220A students!

The scores for the Module 2 assignment will be released soon. So, I wanted to share some notes with you about assignment grading and how to think about your assignment scores in this design workshop.

The most important point to keep in mind is that in a design workshop, there’s always room to improve your work. No one’s work is perfect — and this applies to my own work too — there are always things that I could do to make it even better.

Our approach in scoring the assignments is to always try to give pointers about the areas where you can continue to improve your submissions. So, for each assignment, your submissions are scored in four areas:

  • completeness — Did you complete all the pieces asked for in the design brief?
  • modeling accuracy — Was the model created using the best practices presented in the module? Were the elements placed accurately and join properly?
  • design accuracy — Did the proposed design follow the design rules for required clearances, have the target square footage, and deliver on the desired features described in the brief?
  • presentation quality — Was the design presented well in the Revit model sheets and views shared in your ACC upload and your posting on Notion?

In addition to the numeric scores, we also try to share comments and suggestions via your posting on Notion.

On the Module 2, of the 15 points possible, the range of scores varied from 8 points to 13 points. So, what does this mean?

The most important message that I really want to drive home is that you SHOULD NOT try to equate a letter grade for this assignment with these numeric scores. That’s not the way it works. Rather, we sum up all the numeric scores across all the assignments in the quarter and use the distribution to determine your course grade.

So, for example:

  • A score of 12 out of 15 is not looked at as 80% and therefore map to a “B”. I’d look at a score of 12 (where the highest score was 13) as very good. There’s a little room for some targeted improvements, but overall, that near the top of the class.
  • A score of 9 out of 15 is not looked at as 60% and therefore map to a “D”. A score of 9 (where the lowest score was 8) indicates that there are several things that you’ll want to look at more carefully for the next assignment.

Neither of these scores will absolutely determine your grade for the course. There are a lot of assignments to complete, and your scores will vary from assignment to assignment. So, don’t get discouraged because your assignment did not receive the maximum points - that’s normal and expected! In fact, achieving the maximum points on any assignment would be a truly remarkable feat.

So, how can you improve your scores? The best strategy that I’d highly recommend is to meet with the course assistant at office hours for some specific tips and guidance about how to improve your next submission. He can help you understand the nuances of what he’s looking for as he evaluates your submission and give very focused tips based on your actual submissions.

As many of you know from your other activities, a little personalized coaching and mentoring can be extremely helpful for refining and improving your performance.

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