Exhibition Space - Xuhuan Zhao

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Oct 3, 2022 8:26 PM
  1. Art Institute of Chicago
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I have been to Art Institute of Chicago a couple years back where I enjoyed a lot of its gallery and modern art portions of the exhibit. I personally liked it because this place provides a large volume of room to present a small portion of the art. It doesn’t create a crowded feeling but leaving everyone enough personal space to view the art from different angle. Another important part for museums in general is that it always keeps the room in the most comfortable temperature. I think the temperature is carefully considered to make you feel calm and immerse yourself in to the art only.

  1. Le Louvre

I have been to le Louvre many years back. Although I didn’t enjoy any of the art inside of it because of the amount of tourists inside, I found this museum very successful because of its iconic shape that everyone remembers about. Not everyone has been to France, but I think everyone has seen this pyramid shape before in the movie. I believe having a unique part that catches everyone’s eye makes a museum excellent as well.