Building Envelope System


Features of the building envelope

The building envelope continues to have a similar design to the one suggested in the past module. It is configured of 5 different floor plans surrounded by curtain walls, an outside terrace on the third floor connected to the conference room of the building, and a partially covered wood deck on the fourth floor of the building. Its shape reduces its size floor by floor and has a double ceiling on the first level and different inside cores on most of the levels.

Locations and properties of wall surfaces

The building has its longer side oriented to the south obtaining the most amount of lighting during the day and as an opportunity to locate vertical gardens in two of the facades during our next models. Also, considering the simplistic design of the building the properties of the walls are the same in all of its surroundings utilizing:

  • Low e Triple Glazing SC=0.65 in the outside curtain walls (R-3.91).
  • Drywalls with Metal Stud for the inside partitions (R-9.71).

Locations and properties of the window, glazing

Since the building has an open design, its facades are made of curtain walls that contribute as windows for the entirety of the floors. Also, on the first and second floor, windows were made in the outside core to look into the outside hall that surrounds the building; these allow the sun to come into the rooms but also serve as an element of design (reason why they are located 3 out of the 4 walls of each room).

  • Low e Triple Glazing SC=0.65 in the outside curtain walls (R-3.91) to reduce the energy use of the building.
  • Low e Triple Glazing SC=0.65 for the inside walls (R-3.91) with clear glass to allow the open design of the building to continue but contribute to noise cancellations inside the rooms.

Locations of shading features

(-) The building has different cores inside of it which allow for the floors of the ceilings above to work as shading features for the inner rooms. (-) The south side of the building does not need overhang because of the different core systems mentioned before, but also because the only floor where the last phenomenon does not happen (the last one) is made of offices where the shade can be obtained by drapes.

Insight Analysis

The Insight Analysis showed a low value of 43.5 kBtu / ft² / yr for the building at the moment considering the shading features of the building, its orientation and window glass material as some of the most beneficial factors for the low benchmark obtained.