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Melanie Porras
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Module 10 - Plumbing Systems
Mar 7, 2022 7:03 AM
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Mar 13, 2022 10:16 PM

Given that both restroom locations are centralized in the building core, the piping system (cold water, hot water, and sanitary) for the plumbing system (toilets, urinals, and lavatory sinks) was extremely straightforward.

  • Plumbing system elements

The plumbing system included 6 toilets in the women’s bathroom, 4 toilets and 2 urinals in the men’s bathroom, and two sinks in each. Looking back, I do think one less toilet could have been better to enable room for another sink. Additionally, when looking back at the larger building design, I regret not making space for gender-neutral bathrooms as my building design now fails to be inclusive and safe for all.

  • Piping systems

The piping system (cold water, hot water, and sanitary) included 1 vertical system that branched off on the two separate levels. These systems were fairly straight forward and there were no other restrooms throughout the building. As well, given that I did not explore the incorporation of a fire sprinkler system, I was able to centralize the piping system to the building core.

  • Plumbing system challenges

Most of the plumbing and piping system challenges I had were from modeling. Some connections between the piping system and the plumbing system took some trial and error. The more drastic or larger “challenges” was theoretically wanting to model my system as a greywater system or use a rainwater catchment system but not having the time to explore that idea further.


  • Model Coordination - Plumbing & Architectural: no visible issues
  • Model Coordination - Plumbing & Architectural & Structural: Piping System and Beams intersecting - pipes need to be dropped a little bit further down
  • image
  • Model Coordination - Plumbing & Architectural & Structural & HVAC: because the first floor was not modeled, there are no evident issues there - however, on the second floor, some ducts need to be moved around to adjust to the new wall separation and ensure that both restrooms are properly ventilated.
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