CEE 120B/220B:
Course Logistics
CEE 120B/220B:
Course Logistics

CEE 120B/220B: Course Logistics

Class Components

No Lecture Sessions

For this online class, there will not be any regularly scheduled lecture sessions to present new materials.  All of the learning materials are available as modules in Canvas, so you can view the class materials online and work at your convenience.

Weekly Module Kick-Off Sessions

We’ll have weekly online kick-off sessions to launch each class module -- time TBD.  These sessions will be recorded and available to view later if you cannot attend the live session.

Weekly Design Project Check-In Sessions

Every student will also meet with the teaching team for 30 minute weekly design project check-in sessions. These sessions will be a great opportunity to check-in on your design progress, get feedback, and get specific tips about how to apply the techniques covered in class to your design project.

The weekly design project check-in sessions are REQUIRED. Be sure to sign up for a time slot on the weekly sign up sheet to complete the submission of each module’s assignment.

Setting Up Your Computer

Install the Class Software

Please install the class software on your own personal computer, so you can work anywhere and anytime that is convenient for you:

CEE 120B/220B:
Software Tools to InstallCEE 120B/220B: Software Tools to Install

Storing Your Files

  • Store your files on your personal computer or a cloud drive (for example, our Autodesk Construction Cloud Documents site, Google Drive or One Drive), so you can access your files from anywhere.
  • To be extra careful, it’s also wise to carry a copy of your files on a USB drive, so you always have a copy – even when internet connectivity isn’t available.