Design Entry 10 - Plumbing Model

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Module 10 - Plumbing Systems

For the levels of the production building the pipes and sprinklers need to be placed centrally as the building has curtain wall facade. While piping lines were placed, connections to the sanitary elements did not work neither in section, 3D or elevation view. The 3 types of view showed conflicting results when modifications were made. Therefore, element connections were mostly deleted and are not present in the model.

Elevations for sinks could not be set:


Sinks appear outside on elevation views, but if in elevation they are set correctly, they appear wrong in the floor view. Visibility graphics not active in plumbing view, which impedes quick copy or modification of selected element groups.

Some elements were not visible in any of the views of the Revit model but showed up only in the BIM360 display: