Module 7 - Building Envelope Systems

Module 7 - Building Envelope Systems

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Module 7 - Building Envelope Systems

Building Envelope

Consists of hexagonal curtainwall insulated glass panels and exterior metal panes at the arc corners. Revolving entrances at each corner of the building and an accessible roof terrace via the core elevators.

3D Exterior View


East & West Elevations


Front & Rear Elevation


Energy Model

Use your Building Element Model to create an Energy Model.

  • Submit this Energy Model to the Insight analysis tool to explore how the choices and specifications you’ve made in your Building Element Model affect the predicted energy performance.
    • Be sure to set the Operating Schedule factor tile to use the BIM value.
    • Narrow the range of values being considered for the building envelope-related factor tiles to focus on the BIM Model value or better.
  • Explore how other factors (such as Photovoltaic panel options) can further improve your building performance — by using renewable energy to complement your energy saving envelope features.
  • Share the results of your Insight optimization:
    • Include an image of the EUI meter and range indicator after you’ve made your adjustments to show what your current assumptions predict and how much potential there is for additional improvements.
    • List the key Factor Tile settings that are driving these results.

Daylighting Analysis

  • Use one of the Daylight Analysis methods demonstrated to assess the daylighting levels available with your proposed building envelope design:
  • Choose one of these methods:
    • Option 1: Use the Revit Lighting Analysis extension to produce an Illuminance Map of one of the levels of your proposed design.
      • Be sure to watch the videos for tips about what you’ll needed to include in your building model for the lighting analysis to produce valid results. For example, you’ll need to place Rooms and Floors.
      • Paste an image of the resulting Illuminance Map.
    • Option 2: Use the Revit Cloud Render tool to produce Illuminance Renderings of three key areas in your building model.
      • Place cameras in your model to create 3D camera views to be rendered.
      • Use the View > Cloud Render tool to generate Illuminance Renderings for these camera views.
      • Paste images of the Illuminance Renderings into your Design Journal posting.