Klay Li

Hi there! My name is Klay and I’m so excited to take this class with you guys in this quarter! I’m originally from China and I’ve been in the states for 3 years. I got my bachelor's degree of civil engineering from Valparaiso University, which is in the northwest of Indiana and very close to Chicago. (I miss there so much) Honestly, I didn’t have the chance to learn Revit systematically, but I actually did some design projects by using Auto CAD Civil 3D, RISA 3D, RISA foundation etc… It’s a very cool opportunity to dig deeper into Revit to learn some really useful information!

At Stanford, I’m majoring in Structural Engineering (SEG program) and my interest of study is smart city. I like traveling in my spare time and I traveled to eight states during the Christmas break lolll.

Please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to help, or we can hang out sometime!

Let’s do some FUN STUFF!