Yuuki Tanaka

Hi all!

I am a first year master’s student in the Sustainable Design & Construction program with interests in both the Management and Sustainable Urban Systems track. I completed my undergraduate degree at U.C. Berkeley with a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering and developed interest in the field of construction by my senior year.

After graduating in 2020, I worked as a civil engineer at a public water utility (East Bay Municipal Utility District) in their pipeline infrastructure renewal program. My primary responsibility was managing the project selection, design, and construction of small diameter water pipelines that were in need of replacement across the East Bay. I also got to work on pilot projects for our work-group, including the use of ground-penetrating-radar to obtain as-built information or testing the use of seismically-resilient pipe fittings.

I am interested in this course because BIM has practically become standard practice in the construction industry and it would help to know how this tool works.

My goals for the course are to understand how BIM can be utilized to deliver a better project and I would also like to learn how to use Revit.

In terms of interests, I am interested in process improvements, climate change adaptation, innovative management practices, and the use of data science within the creation and operation of our built environment. My expertise includes public utilities, water distribution system, subsurface construction, and data analytics.

And in terms of hobbies, I love nature, people, and food. I typically like to combine all three or at least two: hike in the morning with a friend or two, then brunch/lunch afterwards. Or skip the hike and just hang out and eat!