Practice Exercise - Module 3 Tevarua

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Module 3 - Project Goals Targets & Strategies

Goal 1: Use sustainable materials for the building structure(mass timber)


  • Measure:  Structural integrity(Load-bearing capacity, stability, and durability of the mass timber structure.)
  • Targets:
    • minimally acceptable value: The mass timber structure must meet or exceed local building codes and safety standards.
    • desired / target value: I want the building structure to be at least 60% of mass timber. I want the mass timber exposed in the offices/residential areas.
  • Strategies:
    • Ensure that timber is sourced from well-managed forests, promoting biodiversity and minimizing deforestation.
    • Apply protective finishes such as sealants, coatings, or preservatives to the exposed surfaces of the mass timber. These finishes can protect the wood.

Goal 2: Renewable Energy (Install a solar photovoltaic system into the building design to generate renewable energy.

  • Measure:  kilowatt-hours (kWh)
  • Targets:
    • minimally acceptable value: Meet local regulations and standards related to solar energy production.
    • desired / target value: 100% renewable
  • Strategies:
    • Site Analysis: Conduct a detailed analysis of the building site to determine the optimal direction for solar panel
    • Roof space: Make sure there's a lot of roof space for the solar panels because I don't want to put the solar panels on the side of the building.

Goal 3 : Green space

  • Measure:  Do the measurement of the building and then the measurement of green space and then divide that time by 100 to find the percent.(square feet)
  • Targets:
    • minimally acceptable value: 30% of the building covered
    • desired / target value: 45% of the building covered
  • Strategies:
    • Every floor has some type of green space (gardens, trees, vertical gardens)
    • Sustainable water system to keep these plants alive.