Aidana Korpebayeva

Journal Entry For
Module 4 - Conceptual Design - Building Context & Passive Design
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I have chosen this site in Almaty city suburban area, Kazakhstan. There is a lot of space here, that give us an advantage of creating any shape. Additionaly, this place is almost ideallly flat, but we should consider seismicity of the area.

I am focusing on choosing materials for exterior walls. However, this building will be diagonally cut rectangular shape. The roof will be placed more to the sunlight sight. Since, most sustainable materials work better in smaller height buildings, it would be 8 flour building or snape shaped design. To make it more sustainable it will be one building, since it is not going to be use of exsessive materials. I am stiil working on to considering placng it to the right direction to be more passive sustainable design.