Chuanjing Hu

Jan 12, 2021 11:25 PM
Property 1

Ordos Museum:

California Academy of Sciences

One museum I really like is Ordos Museum in China. This museum located in desert and is a museum about inner Mongolia culture and their history. One thing I like about the design is it fit the environment and culture very well. The outlook of the museum is like a dune on the desert which present the environment of Ordos. The inner space was designed to be like cave, entering each exhibit room feels to traveling through the tunnel. One key feature I like is the use of natural lighting for both saving energy and created a good atmosphere.

When I first arrived in California, I went to the California Academy of Sciences. Then it became one of my favorite museums. I really like the idea it designed as a little ecosystem, and the exhibits are present as different layers. The aquarium is under the first floor, animal’s exhibit is on the first floor and the forest exhibit is above the first floor.  This design made my visiting very organized and feels like in the nature.