Corinne Charlton

Jan 31, 2021 9:18 PM
Property 1

What Makes an Exhibition Space "Great"?

  1. Accessibility: 21st century connectedness allows for an exhibition to attract visitors from all walks of life, with vast interests and varying social needs. It is important that an exhibition meets the needs of visitors though implementing universal design standards.
  2. Unpredictable & Flexible: the architecture allows for many different uses of the spaces.
  3. Organized flow that walks the visitor through a particular story or experience
  4. The architecture supplements the intellectual purpose but doesn’t steal the show: architecture influences the presentation of objects. The architecture should encourage discovery and learning. It can do so through evoking certain moods with different materials and structural designs.
  5. The architecture should encourage a reason to visit in person. There is so much content already available virtually, and an exhibition should highlight experiences that are much more than the virtual world can offer.
  6. Tech-savvy
  7. Exhibitions can offer a space for reflection, creativity and collaboration: Quality time and shared experiences
  8. Evokes a sense of disconnectedness from the outside world.

SF MOMA - flow and sense of discovery


US HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL - architecture supplements a story line that evokes an emotional journey