Dimpy Sanduja

Jan 16, 2021 9:17 PM
Property 1

The main aim of any exhibition is to capture the attention of the audience. Museum exhibit design enhances the experience of visitors receive and the learning or entertainment value they take from it.

Some of my favorite exhibition space that I really enjoyed and had good time are Pragati Maidan in New Delhi as I have attended multiple events organized at this place and California Academy of Science San Francisco.

Pragati Maidan, New Delhi India

  • It is a huge complex of buildings, sprinkled with many lawns and the largest exhibition and conventions in New Delhi.
  • The attraction part of this building is the 3D structure forming an octahedral shape.
  • An effective system of environment control inside the building was another outcome of 3d structure as solid triangular panels at regular interval provides sun screens.
  • Free standing coffered mezzanine floors cantilevering out of cylindrical shafts provide additional

exhibition area in each hall.


California Academy of Science ,San Francisco

  • The passive design feature of this museum is Green roof as we all know it is one of the best example of sustainable building .
  • The Central piazza of the museum lies beneath a massive glass ceiling in the roof which opens to allow cool night air to flow into the building below , by using this kind of natural ventilation.
  • 90% of the spaces have natural light and outdoor views.
  • My favorite part was the design and placement of rainforest inside the museum which is home for live plants and animals from around the world.