Haoyu Si

Jan 19, 2021 3:00 AM
World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta
Property 1
Musesum of Pop Culture in Seattle

The good features of exhibition center can be divided to 2 categories: outside features and inside features. Good outside features include convenient/culturally compatiable location, suitable and beautiful outside shell design, etc. Good outside features can attract people in the first place. Inside features, however, decide the quality of visitors' experience and whether they will come again with their friends. The good inside features include logical layout of exhibition rooms, logical visitor route, immersive experience from inner design or activities, etc.

I have World of Coca-Cola at the top of list because of its incredibly immersive experience. The route includes past, current, and future of Coca-Cola. The most impressive spot is the "Drinking Room". From a designer perspective, World of Coca-Cola uses a standard and clearly logical inner design so that visitors can learn about Coca-Cola clearly. However, the outside design of the museum is just normal.

Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, instead, has both unique outside design and immersive experience inside. The better point inside is the diversive contents shown in the museum. Visitors can experience completely different fields of pop culture and try them. Both the outside and inside design is unique, which is unlike standard museums.