Jan 12, 2021 1:01 AM
Property 1

Cleveland Botanical Gardens:

My favorite exhibit of the two has to be Chihuly Glass Garden. The whole exhibit and space is not confined to one building but rather over a series of several glass box buildings integrated within the same downtown park as the Space Needle. The museum itself showcases all of the different types of glass art pieces by David Chihuly, but more importantly the exhibit was designed to be glass boxes so that the exhibits themselves could shine brightly with the light. Having the exhibition shell mimic that of the contents inside is a very important characteristic for a successful exhibition space. On top of that, the museum is embedded in a rich and beautiful garden within the city. Playing to the surrounding environment is just as crucial for an exhibition to be great. The Cleveland Botanical Gardens is an indoor terrarium styled exhibition filled with a micro environment of a humid tropical rain forest. The space exterior isn't quiet big, but it is still successful at creating a loveable space and experience because it doesn't limit itself to one type of experience. The indoor botanical garden extends to an outside area divided into a children's section, a Japanese Zen Garden section, and a mini-arboretum. It is very difficult the be "great" by simply implementing the characteristics of other exhibits. Success is just as important as the content itself and playing to its strength.