Lasya Reddy Kambham

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Module 2 - Ripples on a Pond
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Rhythm Dharmesh Patel
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Shown above are the Dynamo and Revit models respectively.

I first started off by creating a grid of points using the Range function and used Point.ByCoordinates to generate the point set on Dynamo. Location of pebble drop was also done in a similar way by using the Point.ByCoordinates function. The Ripple Effect was created using by first creating a code block. First, the distance between the point set and the pebble drop location was identified. This was followed by adjusting the distance using a numeric multiplier (using a number slider) to adjust the number of sine waves. Then the sine wave was created using the Sine function. Next, the amplitude of the sine wave was adjusted using an amplifier number slider. Next, the set of points was translated to represent the top of cylinders and finally, the cylinder elements were created in Dynamo. Cylinder mass elements were created in REVIT by adjusting parameters in Dynamo. For some playfulness, I added a Color changing group to my graph which allows you to choose a color for the displayed cylinder geometry.