Lu Tang— Tool for Building Cost and Environmental Impact Estimation

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Intended users

This tool is designed for people who are willing to develop their building in a polygon shape and, at the same time, calculate the building’s energy and material cost. The user can also calculate the CO2 emission for the floors and walls.

Need you’re trying to provide a solution or support for

When making building design plans, the designers need to consider the cost and the impact on the environment. This script can help the designers get a rough estimation for their building plans. After getting the building’s cost, the amount of insolation per year, and the building’s CO2 emission for different building models, the user can then compare and develop their building model based on their needs.


  • Location of the building, including user-defined longitude and latitude (make a difference when calculating the solar insolation)
  • Height of the building (make a difference for the wall surface area)
  • Width of the building (make a difference for the wall surface area)
  • Height of each floor ( decide the total floor number and the floor area)

The underlying logic of the model you’ll implement

The user can first create a polygon shape building for this model based on their design. They can input the number of sides, the height, the width, the floor height, and the location of the building as changeable variables. The users also need to define the building volume, the construction cost per area for floor and roof, the energy cost per area, and the solar value per area as fixed inputs.


After the building is created, the floor area (including the roof area) and the surface area will be calculated using this script. Those values could be used as inputs to calculate the insolation, construction and energy costs, and CO2 emissions.