Daniel Diaz Salgado

Daniel Diaz Salgado

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My name is Daniel Diaz Salgado; I was born in Acapulco, Mexico. I studied civil engineering at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico in Mexico City.

Before coming to Stanford, I worked for the Ministry of Public Works in Mexico City. I had the opportunity to work on constructing a subway line and multiple public works projects. As a Mexican public servant, I have witnessed the huge impact infrastructure has on people’s living conditions. As an engineer, I see the complexity of managing flows of information on construction projects and the struggles that the new technologies have to be implemented in Mexico.

I believe that new technological tools applied to construction will enhance the infrastructure cycle to an optimal allocation of resources and anticipating constraints. I understand the complexity of engaging government participation and decision-making on infrastructure scenarios, so it is central to implement new technologies based on data in the decision-making process on building systems. Therefore, I want to deepen my understanding of the top-notch construction applied technologies such as BIM and VDC to identify further suitable technologies to overcome future challenges in sustainable cities.