Shikha Srinivas

Hi everyone! My name is Shikha Srinivas (she/her), and I am a coterminal master’s student in the Sustainable Design and Construction Program. During my undergrad, I majored in Environmental Systems Engineering and minored in Human Rights here at Stanford. Growing up in Central California, a center for both agricultural and fossil fuel production, I am really motivated to create sustainable communities through decarbonizing infrastructure and improving social equity. My past industries/ research experiences have been in smart cities, green building at the US Green Buildings Council, flood risk analysis, and housing.

I have never had the chance to take a course in design/parametric tools but was exposed to the usefulness last quarter in an Integrated Infrastructure class. It also came up as valuable in the work I am doing post grad. Since I didn’t have a very involved design background, I have been intimidated by the technical learning curve in the past. In this course, I am hoping to challenge myself to learn the tools and also be excited by the challenge. I am also curious to see what kinds of applications to sustainability decisions I can draw from. I also hope to meet other students in the class and learn from their experiences and interests!