Swen Hendrickson

I’ve had a quite varied educational and professional background before coming to Stanford. I did my undergrad degree in Political Science at Northwestern University. Then I made my living playing and teaching music in the Bay Area and China. I finally decided I wanted to settle into a more stable career so I decided to pursue green building design. Before grad school at Stanford I worked in residential construction for 1.5 years doing labor and carpentry (and learned a lot). During last summer, I interned with a major Bay Area GC working with a project management team on small tenant improvement construction projects on Stanford campus.

I am interested in this course because I wanted to have some exposure to BIM softwares and design techniques. In reality, I wish I’d also taken 220A and 220B, but in my last quarter, having discovered that 220C is doable for me without the prereqs, I decided to audit this course to get what exposure I could. I’m hoping that in going through parametric design and optimization problems, I’ll be forced to figure out some geometric modeling skills along the way, even if this is doing things in reverse order. In a broader sense, I’m also interested in energy-efficient design and energy modeling, and therefore I’m hoping that some familiarity with Rhino, Grasshopper, and Ladybug will be useful in the types of jobs I’m applying to.