Aleksandra Vorozheikina - Part 1


Park Pavilion

A park pavilion is an essential part of the park’s infrastructure. It is a gathering place, a dining space, and an iconic feature that blends civilization with the natural environment. It can also be used for public restrooms or small food courts for big parks.

Intended users

The model is designed for architects looking to build something more eye-catching and parametric than a typical park pavilion with a roof and supporting columns. The model allows its users to flex building parameters easily and choose the best alternative from the generative study. Revit visualization allows users to see how the structure would look with different exterior panels material.

Need you’re trying to provide a solution or support for

Creating park pavilions that would fit into the natural environment and be an attraction of the park. The pavilion can be designed in different sizes and made of different materials so it can fit in any unique park infrastructure and be used for different purposes.


  • Pavilion length
  • Pavilion height
  • Entrance height
  • The building material for surface panels (wood/tile/marble) that would also affect the price of the building
  • Number of U and V panels to divide the surface area

Underlying logic of the model you’ll implement

I created curves for the outer shape and door and connected them to a surface. Then I divided the surface into panels and placed adaptive panels with openings. Then I made a logic to allow users to pick a material for the panels. This selection will affect the price calculation and Revit visualization. I also made a logic to calculate the total floor area and sun activity on the building. Since the facade will have panels with glass openings, it’s important to get a high sun activity to surface area ratio to increase natural lighting inside the structure. Finally, I made a generative design to find the best design option.


  • A pavilion visualization in Revit
  • Building cost
  • Pavilion floor area
  • Sunlight to surface area ratio