Yuan Tang

Hi guys, this is my model for Module 2:


For Steps 1-4, I feel better grouping different blocks on each step (mainly according to the function that step wants to meet). This makes the whole logic clearer.


For step 5 - the diminish model, at first I tried the method of dividing the height offset by the distance from the pebble drop point, then I realized the result is not that obvious to see the diminish phenomenon.

I tried many times and finally I used the (max_Distance - Distance)*2/3 as the amplification factor so that the diminish is quite obvious now. Though the fluctuation degree might not strictly follow the physical theory in real situation.


For step 6, I assume the three pebbles drop from same height (with same parameters for sine wave) and they are located in (0,0) (200,0) (400,0) in the (400,400) grid. We can clearly see the places of superposition and counteract.

Lastly, this is an interesting module! Love it!