Katie Feit - Module 8 - Part 1

Intended users

The intended users of this interface are architects, owners for nonprofit organizations that specialize in providing schools for third world countries, or organizations for low income housing.

Need you’re trying to provide a solution or support for

A simplified version of a modular school that allows architects and organizations to understand how to optimize the type of school to be implemented to help promote education in third world countries at a low cost while still providing structural integrity. The code logic will created modules of structural elements that could be easily implemented to create a simple school building.


The inputs of the model logic are:

  1. How many children will this school support
  2. What is the number of modules wanted
  3. What is the weight of an individual structural element
  4. Module height and width

Underlying logic of the model you’ll implement

The logic will follow creating a module with given inputs. This module will be set up into a grid that will constitute the required building volume based on how many children the school is expected to support. Then, along the grid, structural elements will be placed to create a structural modular building. Then, using the inputs, the cost will be calculated based on a fixed cost of structural elements, and the total weight and how long the structure will take to be put together will be calculated based on the number of structures and time per structural element to construct.


The outputs that will be provided are the total weight of the structure, the cost of the entire structure, and how long the structure will take to put together.