Module 2 - Emma Sun


Modeling Approach


The steps are as follows:

  1. Create a grid
  2. Create attractor point, pebble 1
  3. Place Cylinders at grid points
  4. Compute the distance of pebble 1 to cylinders
  5. Compute Sine wave
  6. Set cylinder parameters
    1. Radius = 1
    2. Height: based on sine waves
  7. Set diminish ripples
  8. Create pebble 2 and 3
  9. Compute new height (sine wave)


1. Scaling factor: convert distance to angle


2. Sine Wave

  1. Offset is set to amplification factor value to convert all heights to ≥ 0.
  2. An adjustment factor to diminish the ripples is added. It is set to 2 * grid side length / (distance + 5).
    1. 2 * grid side length: to make sure the diminish factor is large enough.
    2. The “+5” is to avoid very large diminish factor very close to the pebbles.
  3. When there are 3 pebbles, the height of the cylinders are determined by the closest pebble. It assumes that all pebbles are dropped at the same time.