Sebastian Madrigal - Module 5

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Module 5 - Flex Your Form

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The original family object used in this case was a rectangular prism, defined by rotationally offset

squares at either base.


Both of the images above illustrate adjustments made to the original rectangular prism AFTER the width and depth dimensions were manually changed. This process helped determine a height range between 600’ and 700’ between which the desired floor area could be reached (with further consideration for the site size and for the height).

  • Images/screenshots showing two variations of the input parameters that you tested for:
    1. one of the provided building forms
    2. your new, original building form
  • A brief description of your design outlining the parameters that can be used to flex and dynamically change your building form

Made slight alteration to the original chevron design amidst difficulty navigating the controls for this part.


Found further opportunity to adjust parameters here with the variable rotations of different parts of the mass.


Final mass illustration was…underwhelming. I’m still debugging to ensure that the shapes are appropriate and the mass geometry may be displayed.