Takuhiro Wakita - Module 8 - Part 1

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Module 8 - Make Your Pitch

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Construction Managers: Soil injection is crucial for building constructions and other infrastructure projects to be profitable because the efficiency of the allocation has a big impact on it. By utilizing this application, construction managers can discover the optimal allocation plan, thereby enhancing project outcomes.

Need you’re trying to provide a solution or support for

Soil injection is frequently employed to reinforce the soil and provide a solid foundation for buildings. However, the current planning methods lack sophistication when it comes to optimizing the placement of individual components. Therefore, this tool proves invaluable by analyzing the efficiency of soil stabilization plans through 3D visualization, allowing for comprehensive assessment of the models.



Constant: Width of the target space (W) Length of the target space (L) Depth of the target space (D) Off-set for width (Wo) Off-set for length (Wl)

Off-set for depth (Wd)

Variable: Number of soil columns along the width direction (Nw) Number of soil columns along the width direction (Nl)

Radius of soil columns(r)

Underlying logic of the model you’ll implement

This graph shows how to allocate soil columns in the target area.




Outputs of this application is these three components.