Xuan Wu - Module 8 - Part 1

Xuan Wu - Module 8 - Part 1

Project Pitch: Build A Bird’s Nest!


Intended users

The intended users of this tool are architects who want to design a bird’s nest-shaped stadium, enabling them to quickly draft and visualize a parametric stadium model. It also offers valuable information to engineers, construction managers, and investors.

Need you’re trying to provide a solution or support for

During the initial planning stage of designing a new stadium, architects often explore various design ideas. This tool can help them to quickly change and visualize different artistic designs, allowing architects to assess different designs’ aesthetic appeal, sustainability, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, it provides essential information on volume, facade surface area, field area, solar potential, construction cost, and more, empowering architects to make informed decisions and choose the most suitable design to pursue.


  • Location, height, length, and width of the stadium
  • Overhang and the inclined angle of the roof
  • Field size

Underlying logic of the model you’ll implement

Utilizing Dynamo code, this tool allows architects to generate a flexible stadium model by adjusting its dimensions based on user inputs. Calculations are performed to determine various output values, providing valuable information for design comparisons. Additionally, the tool generates a Revit model of the stadium, offering advanced capabilities for future use. With a user-friendly interface, architects can interact with the tool to visualize designs, adjust parameters, and make informed decisions.


  • Volume, façade surface area, roof opening area, and pitch size of the stadium
  • Roof-to-pitch shade ratio and stadium façade surface area-to-volume Ratio
  • Construction cost of the stadium
  • Solar insolation value