Adam Banga

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Education and Professional Experience

I am a first year Master’s student studying Structural Engineering. I am originally from St. Louis Missouri where I went to John Burroughs School(In St. Louis everyone asks about where you went to high school). I attended Berkeley for my undergraduate education and attained a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering. In the beginning of my undergrad, I focused on the field of construction management where I captained the Cal Con Sustainability ASCE Open Team and then completed professional experience at XL Construction and Turner Construction. At XL Construction I worked as a Field Engineering and for Turner Construction I worked as a Procurement and Sustainability Intern. In my Junior and Senior year, I realized that I was most passionate about structural engineering and decided to make that my focus. This shift then pushed me to apply to grad school and to begin my graduate education at Stanford University. I am also excited for my first structural engineering career experience this summer at Degenkolb.

Course Goals

I am very interested in learning more about modeling and also optimization and how it relates to structures. In CEE 280, we did a unit on topology optimization and I found it extremely fascinating and revolutionary for the future of structural engineering. I hope to develop my optimization skills and learn more how they relate computationally. Upon completion of this course I hope to be able to use my new found optimization and modeling skills and apply them in some way during my upcoming internship.

Personal/Outside of the Classroom

Outside of the classroom, I am often hanging out with friends or exercising whether through the gym, running, climbing, etc. I also love fashion, thrifting, and clothing in general. Although I used to play a lot of chess, I have recently stopped playing as much but I have a deep love for the game. I also have loved traveling and going on trips with my friends.

I have been fortunate enough to go to many amazing places around the world. Recently upon my graduation from Berkeley, I was able to go on a month long trip in Europe with my best friends from undergrad. It was an amazing and life changing trips filled with too many memories, stories, and laughs which I always love to share. We went to Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and the UK Here are some photos from the trip: