Alexis Laskowski

About Me

Hi Everyone! I am a first year Master’s student working towards my degree in Sustainable Design and Construction. I am also working on my MBA with a Project Management Certificate online part-time. I graduated from the Coast Guard Academy in 2020 with my B.S. in Civil Engineering. Upon graduation I was assigned to a ship for two years, USCGC MAPLE (WLB 207). Onboard the ship I was a Deck Watch Officer, so I was in-charge of the safe navigation of the 225ft, 200-ton vessel and her 60-person crew. After the completion of my graduate degree I will go back to the Coast Guard as an active duty officer in the Civil Engineering field. I will manage the shore-side infrastructure in the region in which I am assigned. I hope to become a proficient user in the software introduced in this course. I want to learn how the Rhino and Dynamo can be used in conjunction with Revit. I wish to grow my knowledge in optimization and leverage the new skills I learn in this course as a Civil Engineering Officer in the CG.

I am originally from Jacksonville, NC. I grew up near a large military base and a majority of my family has a military background. Growing up in eastern NC I was always on the beach and enjoying the sunshine. Now my hobbies include being outdoors, travelling, working out, and hanging out with my family and partner, Jacob. During my CG career I will be relocating every 2-4 years, so I am trying to make the most of every duty station!

I look forward to meeting and working with everyone!

Fun Facts - CG

  • While onboard USCGC MAPLE we participated in the Danish Joint Arctic Command’s Annual Arctic Exercise, EXARGUS. We sailed to Nuuk, Greenland and partnered with France, Denmark, and Greenland and conducted multiple training efforts (in the fields for navigation, towing, search and rescue, damage control, and oil spill responses) within the Godthaab Fjords. (DVIDS - News - U.S. Coast Guard participates in Exercise Argus, strengthens Arctic partnerships (
  • The Coast Guard Academy is the first service academy to not have a graduation in its history.
  • At the Coast Guard Academy, as a Freshman (4/c Cadet), we had to square all of our meals in the Wardroom (our dining hall) for the entire year.
  • Every member on the ship is trained in basic damage control and first aid efforts, because while underway and hundreds or thousands of nautical miles from shore, it may take days for assistance. So we are responsible for ensuring our safety if there is a mishap.


  • Picture of my dad and me at my LTJG Promotion!
  • Photo of USCGC MAPLE In the Godthaab Fjords
  • Most of my nieces and nephews!
  • Bow Fishing in SC.
  • Snowboarding at Lake Tahoe!
  • Last night underway!