Max Harris


Hello! My name is Max and I’m from Boston, MA. I’m currently a senior majoring in Product Design and minoring in computer science. I’m also coterming in Mechanical Engineering, so I’ll be around for a little while!

I am really interested in consumer products, especially anything physical. I love CAD and have spent countless hours 3D modeling on various software, however, I’ve never done any parametric/code based CAD. Someone I work with told me about Rhino, which led me to this class. I’m excited to learn more about Rhino and how to apply architectural techniques to the type of product models I make. My main goal for this class is to expand my 3D modeling tool kit and be exposed to a variety of construction methods.

Outside of academics, I am a complete broadway nerd (if anyone had any musical theater soundtrack recs, let me know!), tour guide, circus performer, and drag queen in the Stanford Drag Troupe. Really looking forward to this quarter!