Feedback Session 2


Group H -

Group I - Cecelia

Group K - Venger


  • asked about the map, says it looks attractive to investors and presents a large opportunity in terms of locations that it could be used.
  • on the designs:
    • shading and the colours on the house
  • onto a good proposition
  • eco-friendly homes
  • POV: is good, not just coal fuel,
  • Map: the graphics are good, and the map shows that there is lots of room for application
  • design goals: minimise energy use, structure the slides (design, goals and measurement)
    • Outer shell: light colours and glass to minimise energy use
    • Cooling system (pillars): use natural features to cool the house, ground cooling and water columns
    • Aesthetics: psychology and minimalist, make people feel cooler.
    • SHELL

    • Slide 6: reflective house, light colours, overhangs as well.
    • Slide 8: Basement, create usable space, earth sheltering

    • Current slide 11-13: answers to the posed questions are good, proven tech, reliable, sustainability
    • slide 12: design is good,
    • Slide 13: might not need to be included
    • split up the two systems to explain both of then properly,

    • last part of the presentation, the minimalist design.