Design Project 1 | Domain / Area of Opportunity

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Project 1 - Domain / Area of Opportunity

Please describe a domain or an area of opportunity that you’d like to use as the focus for the design of a PRODUCT, SERVICE, or BUILT FEATURE that supports or promotes sustainable behaviors and practices for INDIVIDUALS in day-to-day use.

For this first design project, focus your thinking on:

  • a PRODUCT --  something physical that can be manufactured, distributed, purchased, and potentially held in your hand or carried with you.
  • a SERVICE or APPLICATION --  something that you can order, subscribe to, or use (in-person or online) -- that will support and promote the sustainability and resilience goals of your potential users.
  • a SPACE, PLACE, or BUILDING FEATURE — that supports or promotes sustainability in the day-to-day activities of individual users.

Please share your initial thoughts in a few paragraphs below…

The domain that I’d like to focus on is….

Improving awareness and allowing for more conscious consumption when it comes to fast fashion.

  • How can we incite consumers to make more conscious decisions when buying clothes?

Sustainable Fashion (adaptable to other products - possibly in grocery stores?)


Star rating on how sustainable and ethical a product was made

  1. Customer will go into clothing store and scan the barcode
  2. Barcode will come up with a rating (out of 5) as to how sustainably/ethically a product was made
    1. Criteria (Based on Baptist World Aid)
      1. Trace Raw Materials
      2. Pay Living Wage
      3. Listen to Workers
      4. Remediate Exploitation
      5. Use Sustainable Fibres
      6. Climate Commitment

This area is important/interesting to me because….

I’ve always been passionate about fashion and sustainability and it’s the area that I dream of working in in the future. I’ve seen countless stories about the detrimental effects of fast fashion, e.g. the Rana Plaza collapse and I believe that there is more that should be done and that needs to be done to redesign the way that the industry operates.

To consider:

  • Chrome extension
    • For online shopping
    • Providing alternative options
    • Showing the longevity of a product
  • App