Interview 2

Who Did You Interview?

  • Younger Sister

Demographics That Might Provide Helpful Context for Their Responses

  • Teenage girl
  • Grew up in similar (same) households
  • Demographic 3

Key Findings from the Interview

  • Finding 1
  • Finding 2
  • Finding 3


“How do you find things that you end up buying?”

  • most to least: friends, pinterest, tiktok, instagram

“How often do you buy stuff out of necessity or out want?”

  • she doesn’t ever NEED clothes, so if she buys clothes it’s solely out of want.
  • she avoids buying things as much as possible, unless it’s something that benefits her (like something that improves her health) or is functional and used regularly
    • “Why do you avoid buying stuff as much as possible?”
      • example: she doesn’t need a new backpack so she doesn’t get a new one at the beginning of the school year
      • she has 1 of everything: one water bottle in comparison to her friend wo has 5 STANLEYS and then a hydroflask and an owala
      • the more stuff you own, the more work u need to put into cleaning
      • SHE HATES LOSING THINGS, so having less stuff makes it easier to keep track of
      • compared to her friends, she’s a minimalist

“What convinces you to fully buy a product?”

  • if i think about it a lot or I keep recurringly see people who have
  • right before she presses order…it taes
  • she’s never just gone onto a website and bought something. she usually goes once, doesn’t buy it and then comes back a few times before actually buying it

“Are you every pressured by sales or ads to buy something in the moment?”

  • not ads, but sales yes


  • clothes: doesn’t buy stuff in stores unless there’s a sale happening or she needs something for an event

“What does the most waste from your day come from or happen?”

  • gloves from work at the ice cream shop
  • at home: food packaging!! at home and at school; doesn’t really run through body care items fast, and even when she is nearing the ends, she’ll cut up or open the container to get all the last bits

“In comparison to me [iza], how are your habits different?:

  • same: will use reusable containters
  • different: isn’t AS adamant about sustainability, but tries

“What goes through your mind when you got about disposing something?”

  • clothes: donates or sells
  • sorts her waste when available
  • will throw people’s stuff away for them and sort it if the infrastructure is available

“Are you ever not inclined to buy something because of the waste it generates?”

  • food: no
  • grocery store: “oh i don’t need a bag”