CEE 176G/276G | Winter 2024: Meet Your Teaching Team

Glenn Katz

Glenn Katz is an educator at Stanford University, focussing on courses integrating BIM, systems integration, parametric design optimization, and sustainable design principles, as well as leading the design team at Bearington Studios — a residential design firm in San Jose, CA.

Glenn has over 40 years of industry experience working at the intersection of AEC, education, and technology.  He created the Autodesk BIM Curriculum for AEC and publishes extensively through his educational website at www.bimtopia.com and his YouTube channel – BIMtopia – which has over 13,000 subscribers and 2.5 million views.

Glenn graduated from MIT, where he focused on architecture and structural engineering, then completed the M.S. degree program in construction management at Stanford University.

Colin Ong


Email: cgong@stanford.edu

Colin Ong is an academician, technologist and coach. In 2011, he launched the Youth Creativity, Innovation & Sustainable Leadership (YCISL) program at Stanford University as an experimental design laboratory and workshop playground where young students could experience creativity as developers, innovators and leaders.

In 2022, Colin semi-retired from the Environmental Engineering program at Stanford University as Consulting Associate Professor/Adjunct Professor. He continues to be active in YCISL creativity & leadership programming through volunteering in competitive science programs, writing e-books on creative thinking, & speaking in youth development workshops.

Colin graduated from the University of California, Davis with a BS in Chemistry, MS in Water Science, & PhD in Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry. His research interests are in environmental geochemistry & toxicology.