How Do I Fix Models that Don't Align Properly in BIM 360?

If your models do not align properly in the BIM 360 views, the most likely cause is that the merged models are using different coordinate systems.

Here's how to bring them back into alignment:

Step 1: Decide which model you will use as the basis for creating a Shared Coordinate system.
  • For many teams, that will be the Central model — the one with your master grids.
Step 2: ACQUIRE the coordinate system from that model.
  • Open the model that doesn't align properly.
  • Open a Plan view.
  • Use View > Visibility Graphics Overrides to:
    • Make the Site > Project Base Point and Site > Survey Point categories visible.
    • Make the linked Revit model with the coordinates that you'll be acquiring visible.
  • Zoom in on the Plan view to focus on the Project Base Points in both the models.
    • You'll see that they are offset. This offset is what's creating the misalignment.
  • Open the Manage > Project Location > Coordinates > Acquire Coordinates tool.
  • Click on the Project Base Point in the linked model whose coordinates you want to acquire.
    • If the tool is successful, Revit will display a dialog reporting that the coordinates have been acquired.
  • Synchronize your model.
Step 3: Relink your models in Revit using the Shared Coordinates.
  • Open the Manage > Manage Project > Manage Links tool.
  • Select the linked Revit models and click the Remove button.
  • Open the Insert > Link Revit tool.
  • Link to each of the desire Revit model using the Auto - By Shared Coordinates position option.